Food Security

Again, following the principle of “Savings First, then Production,” this is how we propose addressing our Food Security challenges:


  • Buy and prepare less food than you are accustomed to. Latest research indicates that besides usually consuming more calories than we need, nearly half the world’s food is wasted/spoilt;
  • Separate and re-cycle your plastics, glass, tins and paper, leaving just organic waste for the 3 technologies mentioned below;
  • Collect the remaining organic (food) waste for composting and/or
  • Start a wormery /or worm-farm to further reduce organic waste and produce vermileachate (or “worm-wee”) for food production (see Production below), and/or
  • Use waste food /organic matter as feedstock for a Bio-gas Digestor (see Energy, under “Being Sustainable” on the main navigation bar above).


  • Grow your own vegetables; preferably use treated grey water or harvested rainwater for irrigation (see Water, under “Being Sustainable” on the main navigation bar above), and your own compost (see Reducing and Re-Cycling above) as a soil supplement
  • Run your own poultry and/or livestock; this may be challenging in an urban environment but there are ways to do so.

Meeting short term demands with long term solutions!


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