Again, following the principle of “Savings First, then Production,” this is how we propose addressing
Water Resource challenges:


  • Washing – yourself (shower, with a low-flow shower rose)/ clothes and dishes (economy
    mode) /cars and windows (use a bucket)
  • Watering – do not use sprinklers in the garden (try and plant indigenous species which attract and support indigenous fauna and survive on natural rainfall) unless it is harvested rain-water / treated grey water


  • Rain Water – collect it in a tank first for lawn watering/car washing. Later, if you have
    sufficient storage, consider connecting into your existing plumbing infrastructure
    with an in-line pump and particle filter, for cisterns, showers and other non-potable uses.
    Note that unless advanced treatment (chemical and fine filtration) technologies are
    employed, it is not advisable to drink rainwater, particularly in urban environments with
    a high atmospheric fallout rate.
  • Treated Grey Water – with a small fibre filter and some alkaline-loving reeds/other
    plants used as a first treatment, it is possible to use to grey water to water your garden
    and even vegetables (see Food Security).

Meeting short term demands with long term solutions!


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