ISS donates Wind Turbine to University

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Tribune-2-topA leading Durban-based consortium, addressing some of the key problems facing our country, Inkanyiso Sustainable Systems Pty (Ltd), is donating a R30 000 state-of-the-art wind turbine to the UKZN School of Mechanical Engineering to enable them to conduct trials and research into the viability and durability of the turbine for small scale power producers. Prior to a more extensive local rollout of the turbine, Mechanical Engineering’s Renewable Energy Research Group will conduct a rigorous practical assessment of its durability and performance across a range of conditions as part of a final year student project. The project also aims to investigate improvements in the turbine’s performance through advanced blade design.

An agreement has been signed between UKZN’s School of Mechanical Engineering and Inkanyiso Sustainable Systems (ISS) to share these findings and research outcomes. ISS expects that the research will not only help in acquainting today’s engineering students with the intricacies of wind turbine technology but will also greatly assist the company with the development of its products. ISS has brought together a consortium of like-minded dynamic individuals with unique skills and pro-active vision to form the core of business. ISS recognises that there is a compelling need for short- and medium- term solutions to ameliorate increasing energy, water and food costs at household, municipal and provincial levels. Energy and water shortages now will limit future growth and development opportunities in our local economy.

The products and systems promoted by ISS are designed to be both financially viable and environmentally sustainable. ISS’ objective is not to offer quick fix solutions to what is a long-term problem. Recommended systems will have a direct and indirect effect on improving socio-economic conditions while also reducing or avoiding negative environmental impacts in an integrated model. “ISS views the current energy, water and food security challenges as opportunities to promote and supply a range of sustainable systems to bring long term solutions to market for business, households and ultimately our country and planet.

We promote integrated solutions that directly and indirectly improve socio-economic conditions and avoid negative environmental impacts,” says ISS’ Haydn Osborn. “There is no one overall power or water solution that will solve the energy or environmental issues facing us and our children. Rather, the solution requires an incremental, well planned, long-term and overarching strategy, drawing on a wide range of technologies that will build increasingly independent consumer energy and water capacity that also reduces our overall carbon footprint. This can be achieved in a staged process over the next five to ten years. It is also gratifying to note that eThekweni municipality is developing some strong initiatives in these areas.” concludes Osborn. The wind turbine will be formally handed over to the UKZN School of Mechanical Engineering on 30 September 2009.

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